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In today?s high-tech world, social media has become a standard way to promote your product, services, or personal content to the masses. With so many new programs and features it can be hard to keep up. Thankfully, one of the key benefits of using the Joomla platform is that you can download and install a variety of social media extensions with ease and have your website integrated with networking sites like Facebook in minutes.

Joomla Facebook extensions offer a variety of functions to control interactions with your users. They allow users to register with you through their Facebook profile and once this is done, the possibilities for free marketing and promotions are endless. Common ways you can promote your content through Facebook extensions are:
One-click registration – By using a Joomla Facebook extension, users can register through your site with their Facebook account. This means they can sign up in one easy step and stay connected through Facebook without ever leaving your site. From this point on you have a direct connection with users and their network.
Comments – You can add comments to your site and even customize it so that a user comment is posted back to their Facebook wall. Every time a comment is posted, you?ll be visible to the users entire social network. Using the comment feature not only creates new online content that connects back to you, but it attracts a whole new audience to your site.
Like, Share and Recommend plug-ins – These plug-ins will allow users to show their ?interest in your online content while connected through Facebook. They will also be able to share your content with others in their social network and give you even more free exposure. The more ?likes? and ?shares? you get also provide trust and legitimacy to your site for new users.
Fanbox – The Fanbox widget shows how many people like your website in general. Overall it?s another easy way to show new users the legitimacy and popularity of your site. The more trust they have, the more likely they are to use your site or purchase your products.
While some administrators start with just adding the comment feature, the flexibility of Facebook extensions will let you combine numerous components to minimize your marketing costs and maximize your online exposure.


Alex Andreae is the owner and operator of SourceCoast Web Development. Alex has spoken at multiple Joomla conferences and is a vocal member of the Joomla Forums and Community sites. Learn more about Joomla Facebook or read what users are saying about Joomla Facebook extensions online.

Article source: http://facebook.ezinemark.com/promoting-your-joomla-website-using-facebook-7d2d359021ed.html.

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