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The built-in design that comes with a Joomla system is known as Template. It’s possible to convert any PSD or a JPG file into a Joomla template, which can further be easily installed on your Content Management System. For further clarity, the oft-used term PSD-to-Joomla is nothing but a conversion service that converts any PSD file into Joomla template. It’s also possible to convert a PSD file into xHTML and 100% table-less design HTML code, which is compatible and validated with latest W3 standards.

Another important aspect of Joomla CMS is the positions within a Joomla template. In simple terms, a position is nothing but a name of the container that hosts a module. All you need is to incorporate the positions within the design in order to add all the modules to the system in those respective positions, like left, right, user-defined, etc.

Another vital point that needs emphasis is the pixel accuracy conversion of a PSD file into HTML code. You can very well achieve browser compatibility by taking ample precautions, removing faults, avoiding cluttered coding. Additionally, you can also add several modules to the Joomla system, like Blogs, Newsletters, Most Popular Articles, Latest News, Latest Event Ads, etc.

The most striking benefits of a Joomla CMS are its Search-Engine friendly URLs and total control over Meta tags, keywords, title tags, etc. that are so vital for a search-engine optimization.

To summarize, you can achieve the following tasks through PSD to Joomla conversion:

i. Pixel Accuracy Conversion into HTML code
ii. Fully compatible code with latest W3 standards’ validation
iii. User-defined positions

Tested and verified browser compatibility
v. Full uploading and installation of website
vi. User-defined Menus and Modules

Prateeksha Web Design has all the skills, expertise and experience to deliver top quality PSD to Joomla conversion service. Some of the most talented designers are employed to achieve client satisfaction through implementation of pre-defined specifics. The output is thoroughly tested on stringent parameters before delivery to the client. Latest W3 standards are used in every project for validation to achieve a high degree of compatibility.

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