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Drupal is one of the Top Open Source Web Content Management System (WCMS) that allows either One or a Group of People to Manage or Publish various contents in a website. Drupal is developed in PHP and MySql database. Drupal is distributed under GNU General Public License.

Drupal Development eases the work for users and manages to do complicated tasks. Drupal is designed to provide an easy way to manage the contents for users and admin. Drupal Core supports various features right out of the Box, On top of it Drupal Supports installing additional modules to its core. Almost all the features one would require can be already found developed as a module or can be easily developed into one. Drupal has about 11000 modules (as of July- 2011). Even these modules can be Drupal Customized to change the behavior and appearance according to users need.

Working with Drupal is very easy due to it?s simple and easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor allows for simple modifications. We can use Drupal Theming and Design beautiful websites. Drupal support can work as a backend framework for Small or a Large Corporate Web Applications Development.

Some of the New and Improved features in Drupal 7 are (For the Developers),

Advanced WYSIWYG editor
Fluid drag and drop for input format listings.
Fluid drag and drop for language listing.
Fluid drag and drop for poll options.
Descriptions and English Names for user permissions.
Built-in Automated Cron.php page
Strong Password Framework
Added Security feature, like prevention of Brute-Force Method, Flood Control API, and limiting User Access to Resources.
Adding Content Type Screen
?Input formats” renamed to “text formats”.
Field specially for Uploading Files
Field specially for Uploading Images
Performance lag fixed for uncached pages

The experienced Professionals for Drupal development and Drupal Support are specialized in creating a Custom Module, Drupal Theming – Develop a theme according to Clients requirement, Drupal Customization in Core and code our Own Filters.?

Avenir have expertise in inner workings of each key part of Drupal like User Management, Sessions, the Node System, Integration of Ajax, Caching and including various Web Services & API integration into the Site. We recommended Drupal Development to our Clients in need of a Medium or Large sized Corporate Sites.

Article source: http://drupal.ezinemark.com/purpose-of-drupal-development-7d2fbbcca829.html.

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