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To take the advantages of the new privileges added in the new version of MySQL database, most of us upgrade our MySQL tables to new version. The utility available for upgradation of MySQL tables is known as mysql_upgrade. While upgradation has various advantages, it can also result in complete or partial loss of data from the tables. In such situations, backup enables you to restore the lost data. But, if there is no backup available or it fails to restore the required data, then you need to repair the corrupted table(s). To do so, you need to use advanced MySQL database Repair applications.

Consider a practical scenario, where you upgraded your MySQL database from rev 4.0.13 to rev 4.0.14. After the upgradation is complete, you discover that some of your important tables are corrupted. In addition, when you attempt to open those tables, you encounter the below error message:

“e-systemusr/local/mysql/bin# ./myisamchk -a

myisamchk: error: 138 when opening MyISAM-table


The data saved in the MySQL tables becomes inaccessible after the occurrence of the above error message.

The main cause behind corruption of MySQL tables is improper or interrupted upgradation of MySQL database.


To repair the corrupted MySQL tables and access their data, you will need to follow these steps:

? Use the below command to check and analyze the corruption in MySQL table:
Check Table tablename
? Next, run the below command to repair MySQL table:
Repair Table tablename
? You can also run the following command:


Though, it won’t be useful here, as it will show the tables as empty.

However, if all the above measures fall short of repairing the corrupted tables, then you will need to use advanced MySQL Repair tools.

Such MySQL Database Repair utilities incorporate high end scanning methods to completely repair and restore the data stored in MySQL tables. With self-descriptive and largely graphical user interface, such repair utilities serve as user-friendly solutions that do not require any sound technical skills.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is the premier MySQL Repair tool. The software supports both (MyISAM and InnoDB) MySQL database storage engines. It can completely restore and Repair MySQL components like tables, primary key(s) and relations. The software is compatible with MySQL 5.x. It software is made for Windows (Windows Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000)and supports recovery from MySQL database installed on Windows as well as Linux platforms.

Naveen Kadian is a self employed Internet entrepreneur and product reviewer Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is the premier MySQL Repair tool that can instantly repair and restore corrupt MySQL databases. It supports InnoDB (.ibdata, .ibd and .frm) and MyISAM (.myd, .myi and .frm) files. MySQL database Repair

Article source: http://mysql.ezinemark.com/rectifying-error-message-unsupported-extension-used-for-table-in-mysql-database-4eecad4b731.html.

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