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ReviewAZON is a new plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily setup Amazon affiliate reviews on your website. If you have ever promoted the Amazon affiliate program on your site before, you know that even though Amazon provides solid tools, it can still be a chore to get everything set up the way you want. With this plugin, that is all a thing of the past. ReviewAZON couldn’t be easier, allowing you to quickly establish a niche website to direct sales to your Amazon affiliate program. Here are some of the major features and I will discuss what I think is important about each one:

1.) Lifetime upgrades – this is fantastic as I can purchase the product once and never have to worry about buying it again. I’ve seen other type of affiliate plugins that require a monthly fee. This doesn’t.

2.) Unlimited domains – buy once, use everywhere. Again, I’ve seen other products that require you to purchase a new license for each domain. This makes setting up new niche Amazon websites an expensive proposition.

3.) Display over 25 types of Amazon product info – this includes types such as average customer rating, product description, customer reviews, pricing, brand, manufacturer, product details and more. Having the customer reviews easily available for your product listing really boosts buying confidence. Everything else is just a bonus.

4.) Fantastic manual – the manual covers in detail everything you need to know about installing and using the ReviewAZON plugin. You also get access to the ReviewAZON user forum, and I’m sure you know just how helpful a user forum can be for answering questions, getting new ideas about how to use the plugin, or even suggesting new features.

5.) Support for all the various Amazon Affiliate programs in different countries – including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan.

This makes it so easy to target a specific market.

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Article source: http://amazon.ezinemark.com/reviewazon-review-a-great-wordpress-plugin-for-the-amazon-affiliate-program-4ef2bdf183c.html.

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