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Numerous webpages today are adorned with Flash animation products, offered by Adobe. Flash technology allows, in a very uncomplicated manner, to include small animated, vector-based drawings into your web pages.

Of course, these animations have some impact on the way your site is ?seen? and indexed by the search engines. The issue of Flash Search Engine Optimization develops, which is a very serious matter regarding conversion and web site earnings.

What Are Flash Animations?

Flash files hold the extension .fla. For example a file may be named banner.fla where the .fla represents the flash format extention. The file will then need to be exported into a Shockwave Format (extension .swf) to be used on the web page.

Any textual content which you include in the animation possibly won?t be indexed by the search engine because they almost never give attention to these formats. In spite of this there are search engines (Google, dir.com etc) that will read the text in these animations. The result is that any site or webpage which is developed completely in Flash will be unseen to the search engines which index only textual content content in html format.

Why Do Some Webmasters Use Flash

It is not a secret for anyone that search engines don?t really like websites that are developed using Flash exclusively. These websites seldom contain adequate appropriate text to allow for a good indexing. Above that, not all spiders can read the content of a .swf file. Flash is used though every now and then for mini-sites or for campaign sites.

Here are a couple of reasons people find Flash worth the effort.

The impact of animation is maximized with flash which enhances the web?s interactive and aesthetic environment.

It could be blended effectively with other technologies (e.g.

PHP, MySQL, XML, images, video, sound, etc.). Therefore , it?s perfectly possible to make a dynamic web site in flash that also has content.


It enables the designer to put more content in a small-sized space without damaging the layout.

It?s an easier approach to present slide shows or movies.

It?s a great tool to produce banners and ads, and even Flash videos.

It is a good tool for creating good visual impact and drawing attention to certain points of interest on a web site.


Flash needs quite a lot of bandwidth and take a reasonable length of time to load.

The majority of search engines will not index sites constructed entirely with Flash.

You may be at the mercy of the Flash developers ? if you use 3rd party Flash developers, they may code the project so that you will not be able to make any modifications and you?ll have to pay them for modifications

The ?Back? button is often disabled for flash websites and also Google?s AdWords won?t accept pages that have the Back button disabled. So, beware of this if you plan to market your web site by using a PPC campaign.

Flash may disrupt the visitor?s experience on the site. For example, never ending movies and sounds without volume control may drive some site visitors away.

Splash Pages don?t support your visibility ? they don?t have the text that contains the keywords identified as pertinent to your services / products.

It is not an easy task to optimize flash for the capricious search engines. The amount of time and energy it takes for Seo for Flash websites is far greater than the efforts necessary for an HTML site.

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Article source: http://flash.ezinemark.com/search-engine-optimization-and-flash-560e70bd368.html.

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