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Joomla is a free and open source CMS for publishing internet webages for the world wide web as well as for individual programs or company intranets. Joomla is written in PHP and is capable of page caching, subscriptions and support of other languages as well as many other extentions and add-ones. Joomla has been downloaded over 25 million times and is one of the world?s most used CMS, second only to word press

Joomla was created in the summer of 2005 under a non-profit subsidiary of the Mambo corporation and has been a free software ever since then and as anyone can create websites or programs with Joomla they are also able to sell their whole websites or the templates for creating a website on a website or in an open market where templates can be exposed to web traffic for purchase for profit to the seller.

There are many website out there that offer to sell templates created by others. These companies will add the template to their directories or have links if you already have a website to sell templates. Many of these companies will direct traffic to joomla templates even if a searcher is looking for a different program type such as word press. Selling Joomla themes with theme websites is the easiest way to get exposure for your theme. The paragraphs below will detail the art of selling Joomla themes to users on the web.

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Some of the top companies and website to sell Joomla themes are: YOOtheme, Rocket theme, and Templateplazza. Each of these sites has a massive library of Templates and while YOOtheme often sells poorer quality templates it is a quick and easy sight to sell you joomla template. Rocket themse is a premium service and has been one of the harbingers in the Joomla movement. Rocket theme sells four different services for all types of costumers.

Some other websites to consider are Joomlabamboo.com; Gavick.com; joomagic.com; joomlashack.com; joomlajunkie.com; Youjoomla.com; and shape5.com which offers 5 different types of memberships. In addition to these many choices you can still create your own website to sell your themes through. Explore as many options as you can and weight the pros and cons of each sight against your own individual needs and desires.

Lots of big template sellers are very difficult to sell too as they only work with well documented and experienced staff web designer to create and sell themes through. Freelancing can be risky but if you do it correctly you can advertise with minimal cost to you and offer quick easy custom templates to a potentially large market. To sell high quality templates like on these sights you are looking at a full-time job. It is possible to live entirely off of income of selling joomla templates but one must stay motivated and try and expose your themes to as many people as possible. Remember that it is all about web traffic.

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