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Websites have for long been the patient openly embracing the SEO needle for better search engine rankings. But you would always need a wingman to support everything you do. This is where your blogs come in. Blogs are a great way to express as well as inform your current as well as potential customers about what you are, what you do, what you plan to do and more.

Now when it comes to having the top search rankings, the only thing that matters in this taxing process is the final outcome of beinging the maximum traffic to your website so as to maximize the number of potential customers. For this to happen, every online property that you possess must be efficient enough to send the traffic straight back to your website. Your blogs do just that.

To ensure that when someone searches for a keyword related to your business, not only does your website come to the top, but also your blog. Your WordPress blog is a tremendous platform from where you can disseminate information which is not only valuable to the users/visitors, but also for you as the content which you post on your blog would encourage people to share what you write about and thus would build credibility with respect to the search engine also. This means that it becomes all the more important to ensure that yours is the blog which is listed at the top in the search engine rankings.

Now when it comes to WordPress, this amazing blogging tool is already replete with several SEO tools that possess the ability to use .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blog rolling, and pinging. But what usually occurs is that once you start using WordPress on a professional basis, you end up breaking the building blocks of SEO in the blogging tool, by altering the structure of the blog according to your needs.

Thus you can employ the following mechanisms that even after chopping and changing the blog structure, you are still able to rank your blog higher than any other blog on a search engine.


It goes without saying that the site code you put in should be accurate because otherwise that would totally obstruct the crawler from scanning through your entire website.

Relevant Content

Put as many pictures as you want to beautify your blog/site, but the search engine crawlers wont be able to read these images, only words make sense to them. The content on your site therefore should be meaningful and in the right places. Even giving tags to your images would be of immense help. But images alone would do you no good.

How would the Searchers search for your content

Think like a searcher when you are writing for your site/blog. Only when you understand the searching behavior of the internet surfers, can you be able to rightly figure out to post the right content. So if you want to be found. Then you have to make yourself visible.

The right Keywords, Links, and Titles

Make sure that your keywords, links and titles are in coherence with the content. Search engines always value relevance and you can definitely be in their good books if you give due consideration to the synchronization between the content and the above factors.

Link Popularity

The better the quality of the sites linking to you, the better will be your popularity in the blogosphere as well as the internet. Search engines would always give preference to blogs which have a good deal of quality website/blogs linking back to them. Pingbacks ensure that the Search engine knows that what you write is being shared all over the internet by a great number of people.

There it is. The above a number of factors which you could consider while being on the journey of being the admin of a blog for your website/company.

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Article source: http://blogging.ezinemark.com/seo-company-tips-optimizing-wordpress-blog-for-better-search-rankings-319c779b3d6.html.

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