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Today we all live in the modern age of computers, and in order to operate these computers we a set of codes which we in ordinary lives call code. A code is a set of instructions which tell a computer how executive a program and give us the desired results. Programming takes place in different languages such as C++, java, SQL and html are a few most famous names. SQL is one of the most widely used languages which are used in development of different kinds of complex and simple databases. Data bases are mines of information in which the information placed in by the users is stored in such a way that the user could access this information any time by using his or computer.

In a database information is stored in forms of rows and columns so SQL is language which works on bases of algorithms which are developed in form flowcharts so that everything moves in a proper sequence for the computers to process. The major advantage to use SQL is that is automatically stores the data in your desired fashion then it automatically arranges and then when you ask for specific set of data then it simply gives you that part of data.

The history of this language dates back to the year 1970s when IBM was one of the leading developers in the software and hardware market of the world, any best machine in the world would have been built by IBM in those days.

The language gained importance in the years from 1979 onwards when the first software in this language was launched. Then the years 1981 and 1983 were bench mark in the programming history as the major software such oracle and a few other major prototypes were launched into market so that the general computer using public should become aware of SQL and started to implement it in their programming due to great quality of moving everything in a unique order.

SQL programming depends on several commands which make sure that the set of instruction that user places inside the code do work properly. The first of these commands is called a query which is used to input a set of instruction like what to use, where to use, which location to use, and what to do with the data provided. The most common command lines in SQL are based upon logics which are set of instruction developed with two or three set of variables, which used to define the range of the code which being constructed or used.

The third major quality in SQL is data manipulation, the language has ability keep your data secure and it also enable you edit the data in a very flexible way so that you could keep you safe and edit it according the algorithms you desire. SQL programming is all about how well you plan the flow charts of programming and how to choose to move the set of variables so that they could of any use to you.

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