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There are many budding programmers who want to create new websites and applications but don?t know where to start from. Becoming a professional PHP developer is not very difficult. All it requires is correct guidance, some patience and a craving to learn. Mentioned below are some guidelines that will help beginners in becoming a better PHP developer.

Steps to become a better PHP developer:

Install a good vector graphics editor: The design of a website is very important as it is the first thing a user will notice. The best way to learn and master graphics design is by making images using vector graphics. You can get adobe illustrator to practice graphic designing. Another options for beginners is to get the free and open source ink space and practice on it.
Learn from the work of other designers: It is always beneficial to take a look at the designs and websites made by other designers and programmers. Focus on the menu and content area. See how other designers lay their Web Pages. First learn the basics and then you can go on experimenting on your own.
Use Firebug: Firebug is an extension of Firefox browser. This add-on is used extensively by the developers for inspecting HTML and JavaScript. It is very handy and every PHP developer must have it. You must make yourself familiar and comfortable with this tool. Inspect the elements and try to make changes on your local system. Developing CSS, HTML and JS based applications is very easy with the use of Firebug.
Know what you are copying: Copying codes from other applications and locations is a common practice among PHP developers. Although, there is nothing wrong in picking repetitive and common codes but you should know exactly what you are copying. Make sure that the code is compatible with your project before you copy it. Understanding the code is most important as this will help you in troubleshooting any complexities that may arise later. You can also buy some books and use them for reference purpose.
Start learning XHTML and CSS: XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style sheet) are the two most common languages on which all the websites are based. It is strictly advised that budding PHP developer must start learning these languages. There are various books & websites that can help you with the learning process.
Get some Scripts to Practice on: The best way to learn web development is by practicing on scripts. Pick a script and dissect it to its very core. Understand the functionalities offered by the script. You can try Content Management Systems like Drupal and Joomla for working on scripts.
Start working on Projects: After you have enough practice, try creating some sample websites (you can also create your own website) before you start working for clients. There are various ways through which you can pick projects. There are websites that feature projects from various clients and you can bid for any project that you want. Using your own website for picking projects is also an option. Finally, get some hosting and a domain and start creating sites for your clients.

There is always demand for skilled PHP developers and the earnings are also huge once you start getting projects. The above mentioned steps will help beginners in becoming better PHP developers and will also help them in making money through it.

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