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Well, the WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional Plugin is fully automatic, providing a complete, hands off approach to performance blogging. The plugin has left no breathing room for competitors and it is revolutionizing affiliate marketing by autoposting Amazon products.

What makes the plugin pack such an incredible punch? How about unique content at your fingertips with complete integration to TheBestSpinner software, the ability to automatically input and hide affiliate links, Amazon customer reviews added within a discrete iframe, automatically added tags to increase your search engine optimization efforts, thousands of Amazon products each separated in their own category, and of course, linked to with your affiliate ID, and have it all handled within a matter of minutes. Yes I said minutes; the abilities of WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional have changed the autoposting playing field for good. Are you ready for a truly automatic, money generating robot? WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional is called the fire-and-forget-missile of autoblogging!

Professional content writers earn a living writing high quality articles and reviews that are intended for blogs. These content writers advertise their services all over the Internet. However, the traditional going rate for these services is climbing now that more experienced writers are joining the industry. Imagine the costs of paying a content provider to rewrite thousands of Amazon product descriptions! Secondly, if you want to start another Amazon affiliate website, you have to pay your writer to do it all over again! Now how time consuming and budget wasteful is that?

With the WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional plugin, you get to capitalize on the integration of TheBestSpinner.

Not familiar with the product? TheBestSpinner is a membership that provides you with unique content at the click of a button. Now, with the WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional Plugin, it can be handled on the fly while remaining inside WordPress. TheBestSpinner is the most valuable and highest rated spinner available. Don?t believe it? Try researching it on your own and you?ll find thousands of happy users.

Here?s How It Works: Every word has synonyms, and every sentence has different ways it can be worded. TheBestSpinner allows you to manipulate those two facts and create unique content by ?spinning? different synonyms into your article, while replacing the old ones. While spinning the content, WP-Amazon Monetizer Professional Plugin protects the product / article titles and brand names, so they remain intact! Now, all of your Amazon affiliate products can be spun into unique content like never before, and it?s completely automatic!


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