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A number of users spend time and effort in finding WordPress themes that are SEO optimized. But they are ignorant to the fact that WordPress is already SEO optimized. What is required is some key plugins and the purpose is met. Below are some of the vital plugins that are required to make your website fit for Google ranking.

All in One SEO:

The main feature of this plugin is two boxes that are placed under post for writing title tags and good description in WordPress. A page can be called to be suitable for Google only if Page Title has the keywords. They should also be present in the description. The All in One SEO provides with an option for automatic counting of the words so that the user has an idea about the word count of the page.

Then again, user uses the plugin to create a custom setting to set the form how the title tags are written. Experts suggest using the %post_title% or %page_title% for each and every page. The benefit of writing title tags posts and pages like this is that they are always within target 60 characters.

Google XML Sitemaps:

Use Google XML Sitemap to create sitemaps. Once the sitemap is created, it must be added to Google?s webmaster page, it is required to add every sitemap to Google?s system. But the process is not limited to the first time execution. Every time you update the website, make sure that you click on the ?rebuild your sitemap? so that Google gets notified that there has been a change in the content of your.

It is required that the changes are updated fast by Google. The process can be more organized if you set a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly), specified for each and every area of the website.

Robots Meta:

It is particularly important to use this plugin for optimization of WordPress is Robot Meta. It is to avoid updating duplicate content into Google?s system. Generally links like author, category and tags give way to such photocopied content. Once the plugin is installed, user should verify all boxes and save. Rest assured that Google will not be permitted to list similar content. Some users may want their content not to be indexed by Google, the same tool helps them to do so. They just have to click on ?no index, no follow? option on every page.

Remember that WordPress allows you optimize all of its themes for Google.




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