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Are you currently an application author or vendor? You must understand the significance of posting software to download sites or archives.

How to sell your software

How to sell your software? Obviously, you may also submit your software having a pad file. A PAD file is abbreviated from Portable Application Description file featuring its software particulars (including author title, software title, downloads URL, etc.). The majority of the download sites support for PAD format and go like a standard. However, the majority of people don?t understand how to produce a pad file as well as it can be done, yet it’s also difficult to send it in to all the download sites rapidly.

Submit program

With a particular program, software distribution and promotion process is totally automatic. Pad submit Worker is a superb tool to assist software suppliers boost software recognitions and purchasers.

Software Submission program

Submission program is certainly a professional program, employing a standard PAD format that will enable website proprietors and program authors to market programs online better.

To submit software info including site url instantly up rated downloaded sites and sites while using best submission software programs are the quickest and single-best mean of enhancing your internet search engine ratings and growing sales.

Furthermore, you have to wait for a end result in the future up and when any failure you have to start your submission once again following the first submission, you need to recheck the download rate of the software in each and every download site, and when it’s not acceptable, submit your software again.

Software submission tool- PAD Submit Worker will automate the operation of selling programs.

It’s the simplest and fastest approach to submit your program online which is among the best PAD Submitters on the planet.

Pad Submit Worker helps shareware authors or suppliers to submit their programs to several download websites. It uses the information standard and it has 1000 shareware sites inside the database. Within a few moments, it’ll instantly complete the program forms, generate PAD files and publish them to a lot more than 1000 shareware sites. With this particular tool, Submit program is really a fully automated process and also you don?t be concerned it wastes time any longer.

PAD Submit Worker has got the following features:

*Manage your accounts and passwords well for download sites

*Generate and validate PAD file

*Manual CAPTCHA recognition

*Frequently update the database of download sites

*Show the conclusion PAD submission report in particulars

*Choose software submission groups according to key phrases

You may ask How to sell your software ? Yes, Submission program can help you Submit program easily.

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