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With the release of each new version of MySQL, the application goes advanced and safer. If you are upgrading your MySQL Server from an earlier version to later, it is highly recommended that you backup all the data first. Any errors while the upgrade process might result into database or table corruption errors, thereby making the data inaccessible. Thus, to restore such lost information, you will need to use your recent data backup or scan your damaged MySQL database using MySQL Database Recovery applications. These tools are repair utilities to restore damaged MySQL databases.

For an instance, after you upgrade MySQL 4.0 to MySQL 5.0.67, you might receive the following error message with one or more of the database tables:

“Incorrect key file for table ‘filename.MYI’; try to repair it”

This error indicates corruption of .MYI file that is the index file of database.


The above error results if .MYI file gets corrupted due to errors while upgrading or table incompatibilities issue with MySQL 5.0.67.


To check the database table for incompatibilities with the present version of MySQL, it is recommended to use mysql_upgrade. Besides checking the tables, the tool also upgrades the tables so that to make them compatible according to new features of MySQL.

However, to repair such damaged tables, you should perform these steps:

Run the below command to check table for inconsistencies:

Check Table tablename

Upon finding errors, execute the following command:

Repair Table tablename

If issue remains the same, restore from backup, if is available and valid
If you don’t have any valid data backup, you should use commercial MySQL Recovery to effectively repair and restore the database and its components.

MySQL Database Recovery tools are special-purposed utilities designed to scan the damaged MySQL database using powerful scanning algorithms.

Such tools benefit you graphically rich use interface, complete documentation, safe database repair results and realistically unique set of features. These products are built with premier technology to examine the corrupted database. You can use these tools in any case of logical database corruption.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery for MySQL is the comprehensive and the most trusted MySQL Recovery tool. This read-only database repair application supports both (MyISAM and InnoDB) MySQL database storage engines. The software supports MySQL 4.x and 5.x. It can completely restore and Repair MySQL components like tables, primary key(s) and relations. It is compatible with recovery from MySQL database installed Windows (Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000) and on Linux platform.

Article source: http://mysql.ezinemark.com/table-error-after-upgrading-mysql-server-4f317ed044a.html.

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