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SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) hard disk drive is the most widely used hard drive. On the market most of the external hard drive using a SATA hard drive. However, the cost of an external hard drives, much higher than internal hard drives, because they have the same function. Convert an external hard drive inside usb to sata adapter requires a SATA enclosure to connect to the USB converter to connect.

Before you buy a SATA hard drive to your external USB hard drive box, the SATA drives to achieve data transfer rates. Buy a hard case to support the hard drive transfer rate. For example, if an external USB HDD Enclosure supports transfer rates of up to 960 Mbps and 1260 Mbps hard disk drive with the SATA drives may not work, because some functions will be to prevent or slow down the data transfer rate. Remove the external hard drive case hard drive cage. Connection from the hard drive enclosure for SATA IDE drives on the back of the SATA cables SATA interface. Now the connection 4-pin power connector to connect to the hard drive back.

The hard drive cage into the hard drive and then slip into an external hard drive box has. Turn off hard disks box. Additional box from the hard drive to your computer’s USB to sata cable, it is regardless of your USB cable to connect the computer on or off.

Let the computer recognize the new hardware. Test the connection that is some of the documents back and forth from an external hard drive, mainly in the hard drive of your computer’s hard drive.

It is possible that if you buy a computer these days, you may not be able to connect to your old equipment section. Recently, I have at this location, and found himself looking for a super-adapter. I came across a no brand of SATA or IDE USB 2.0 cable adapter converter Amazon. I started to worry, I admit. I have already not really trust things are not brand habits. However, I decided to give it a ball. In high-speed USB 2.0 Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard disk adapter to create a USB 1.1/2.0 port and one between the bridge’s high-capacity SATA storage device port. Now you can easily computer or notebook, back up files or store large files on the hard disk compressed file. High-speed USB 2.0 interface, plug and play easy to install with plug and play design. In addition, in the first 2A power adapter AC power supply to ensure that the most adequate electric power consumption.

The suite is equipped with an AC adapter cable, power adapter. There is a general USB 2.0 IDE SATA adapter. It even comes with a small micro-SATA that is good. Do you have drivers and utilities CD-ROM, of course? Major reason, I bought this because I have a smaller hard drive, I have pulled out of the MP3 player. I need to get it after the MP3, but there is no way to do so. Of course, there may come a point when I need such a thing. If you know other good tool kit that can help in this day and age of equipment left behind, please pass them. As the technology develops in the coming months and years more quickly sure we will find that we need more like that.

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