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I’m no internet expert, but I do own a whole load of blogs all run by WordPress. They are on a wide variety of topics from Gordon Ramsay and Polar Bears, right through to internet tricks and tips as well as Exercise science and nutrition. Here’s Part two of a three part series on which are the best free wordpress plugins, all courtesy of an amazing free tool by internet marketing legend Jeff Johnson.

As I’ve stated previously,the best part of this program is that you get a direct, automated link to the top wordpress plugins, installing each one in one simple click, whoch save hours uploading files via FTP servers.

The next step is to simply choose the keywords that your blog wants rank for in the search engines and enter them. Finally, after installation and entering your key phrases, you press one button and the settings are optimised. It really is that simple,

Did I mention that this simple yet extremely effective plugin was FREE. Just click on the link at the end of this article and get access to this amazing tool completely free!

Here is five more plugins that Jeff Johnson toll uses, along with an explanation of what they do;

Robots Meta is a simple tool that will modify your robots.txt meta tag. It allows you to control which pages and posts the search robots should index, and which page, posts and links search engine robots should ignore. Helps with security and pagerank.

Akismet is standard with WordPress blogs but is extremely effective in protecting your blog from spammers who manipulate your site via comments.

Monitor and protect your blog from comment spam.

Database Backup is worth a million dollars if it saves you once, and it will automatically make database backups of your blog and send them to your email. Protect the content on your site from possible server loss by backing up the content on your site on a regular basis.

Simple CAPTCHA is an amazing free tool that you are probably familiar with. It places an images with random text that the user must manually type to submit their blog comment. This utility verifies the commenter is human, cutting down the potential for comment spam.

Similar Posts – will link to other posts related to the current posts. Not only does this benefit your SEO strategy, but it also entices your users to read other posts on your blog, increasing pageviews and traffic.

Don’t forget, just because you are getting the lists of plugins, the big trick is optimising them to give your blog the best chance of ranking with all of the search engines, especially google. Do yourself a favour and save lots of time – this tool works for old, existing blogs, as well as new ones!

Stay tuned for the third an final installment

David Driscoll www.david-driscoll.com

Article source: http://blogging.ezinemark.com/the-best-free-wordpress-plugins-part-ii-14877c9642.html.

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