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The number of affiliate marketers has increased significantly in recent years and most likely due to widespread financial adversity. The fantastic news for everyone is there are often new resources developing that only improve the chances of success. It’s likely that you are unaware of Ryan Stevenson who’s responsible for providing The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin. Since the mid 1990s, Ryan has been doing rather well as an affiliate, product developer and Amazon Associate where he has incredible experience and understanding. We cannot really hope to go over all aspects of this plugin, however we prepared this review so you can determine if you want to find out more.

This is obviously for WordPress blogs, and you will discover it works well from the present version going back to 2.7. He is greatly aware of the problems with plugin functional concerns, and it has been updated to work with the latest WordPress release. Utilizing the Product Style plugin will not be a hassle as Ryan has created an in depth end user instructional file for you. Ryan supplies detailed instructions available in PDF format along with making them accessible on the Product Style Plugin website in the “Plugin Features” page.

The only focus with this plugin is to raise conversion rates, and that is definitely all it is designed to accomplish. Since he has been thriving at this for around 15 years, it is safe to think he understands all about conversion optimization. First, understand that you will have full control over the look, feel and layout of your ads. Also, you will receive a lot of versatility since the plugins support Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction ads. The plugin’s admin portion is where you custom develop your own HTML ads plus have control over your ad variations. Ryan knows from years of experience that success with ads for affiliate marketing is impacted by having the power to exercise overall control of ad layout elements.

Custom designing your ads is easy making use of the Admin interface section where you input all your ad specs. Just a couple of illustrations are indicating ad categories and any configurations that are best suited for any ad. If you participate in international advertising, and you should, then you will like the country specific settings for your ads. If you are knowledgeable with what a lot of successful affiliate marketers have been expressing, reaching out and making use of foreign markets can be very rewarding. So what you receive is the capability to determine where your ads will show up which is, once again, a lot more control. Needless to say this feature pertains especially to Amazon product marketing which is simply blazing hot.

Customizing your ads for virtually all aspects of borders that deal with colors, dimensions and other features is available. Next you’ll find colors for the background in your ad boxes that can be adjusted as you see fit. If you are an Amazon Associate, the Product Style Plugin features Amazon “Enhanced” ad settings. That operation will allow you increased control over degree of styling and layout for your Enhanced ads.

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