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We all are familiar with the challenges with economies around the globe, and perhaps that is one explanation why so many have got into the affiliate marketing arena. The fantastic news for everyone is there are constantly new resources appearing that only improve the chances of good results. One such new release is The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin developed by seasoned internet marketing entrepreneur, Ryan Stevenson. Ryan has been quietly thriving at online marketing for 15 years, and he has remarkable experience with designing products, Amazon marketing and affiliate advertising, in general. There is a lot packed into Ryan’s new product, and our review will only hit the best parts because we do not have sufficient room for all of it.

This is naturally for WordPress blogs, and you will discover it performs well from the present version going back to 2.7. So no problems at all about whether or not it is current since he ensures it is. We all know about poor documentation with various kinds of products, and that is not going to be any kind of concern here due to thorough user instructions. Ryan makes sure you have no problems since he gives you an educational PDF, plus the same guidelines are shared on the plugin website.

The major benefits of this plugin are many and all directed to maximize conversions. Since he has been doing well at this for around 15 years, it is safe to assume he understands all about conversion optimization. First, recognize that you will have complete control over the look, feel and design of your ads. Also, you will receive a lot of flexibility since the plugins support Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction ads. The plugin’s admin section is where you custom develop your own HTML ads plus have control over your ad variations. That merely demonstrates Ryan’s viewpoint that having as much control as possible over your ads is one of the keys to successful affiliate marketing.

In order to give you this level of control and features, you will use the Admin Section to input your ad specifications. You can change and designate ads to any categories you need, and all the ad settings are in one central location. If you take part in international promotion, and you should, then you will like the country specific settings for your ads. One long neglected area of online business is international marketing. Besides the command and control throughout your ads, you can stipulate the international locations they can appear in which is very valuable. This aspect of international marketing is solely available for Amazon affiliate promotion.

Designing your ads for all elements of borders that deal with colors, length and width and other qualities is available. You can select your background colors which consists of using a header background in your ads. There exists an Amazon ad Enhanced setting that can be modified for Amazon marketing. That operation will grant you greater control over degree of appearance and layout for your Enhanced ads.

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