The Real X Advantage

By working with Real X you get

  • Clear communication?through all media: phone, VOIP, chat, email, web conferencing (in case of fire, smoke signals can be used to.) ?We will always return your phone calls and emails.
  • Cultural compatibility. ?We are a US company, with the English, manners, and ethics you have come to expect. No ugly surprises with stolen code, funny accents, and choice of words foreign to Americans.
  • Help Desk and Project Management System, web-based, easy to use, which is also used by?Disney, Cisco, Adobe, Universal Studios, and many others.
  • Periodical activity reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or any other period in between) that shows what each developer has accomplished.
  • Clear roadmap of what needs to be done – before a single line of code is even written.
  • Continuity and support after the project is complete. ?No need to chase down developers who moved on to a different project or company. In case a developer is absent (sickness, honeymoon, vacation.) a peer will fill their place with no need to wait until they return.
  • Business advice and counseling?that goes beyond technology. Use our vast industry experience to make intelligent decisions as to what is important (and what is not).
  • Introduction to leading support professionals: angel investors, venture capital, accounting, legal, marketing, and sales – should you need them.
  • A responsible and caring partner?to any degree you want. ?Use us for your smallest project, your medium strategy, or for your entire IT operation. ?You will receive the same care and attention as if you were a Fortune 1000 client or the next hottest technology startup.

Contact us today to schedule an introductory evaluation of your particular situation, explain where and how we can help, and if we are a good match – start plotting the road to your success. Call us now.

You delivered a great product on time and satisfied our requirements with very little iteration.

M. Soderberg

President, Boa Technology