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The Traffic Player is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to place video’s anywhere on your site with top notch custom stylings. Video’s that have already been produced can be placed in new skins to improve their professional appearance on your site. Video marketing is experiencing phenomenal growth and The Traffic Player will help you to enhance any video presentation.

The Traffic Player was developed by Mark Dulissi is a successful internet marketer turned product developer focusing on tools for internet marketing. What is so impressive about this young man is the fact that he has only been online since 2009, but has made a mark for himself relatively quickly.

The biggest benefit of The Traffic Player, in my opinion, is the fact that when your video appears in the SERP’s, your visitors are taken directly to your? website and not to YouTube. The plug-in incorporates both Youtube hosting and the Google Video Site Map to enable the video thumbnail that appears in the SERP’s to include your URL and not YouTubes..? You are essentially grabbing visitors from the search engines instead of loosing them unless they happen to click on your link once they’re already on the YouTube site. This will increase traffic and potential conversions.

A significant feature of the software is the fact that videos can be resized to fit anywhere on your site, including the sidebar and footer. In addition, video’s can be uploaded from YouTube and the skins can be altered to give them some added punch.

There are, at the time of this writing, 10 skins to choose from which includes:
Silver skin with a thin frame.
Silver skin with a wide frame.
Black skin w/ a thin frame.
Black skin with a wide frame.
A desktop computer frame.
An iPad frame.
An iPad with a post-it note frame.
An iPod frame
An iMac frame
An iMac with a post-it note frame.

There are several packages and price points to choose from, which are a one-time $ 47 for the plug-in plus YouTube supports or $ 77 for the plug-in, YouTube supports and any other flash video supports. There is also a commercial version for $ 127.

The word on the street regarding The Traffic Player is fair at this stage of the game. One issue that turns people off is that the YouTube image is covered up by the skins and while this improves the appearance of the video, there could be some copywriter issues for using YouTube as a host and not giving them credit. Mark also mentions in the video that the server is never down, but again YouTube is doing the heavy lifting here. This product is cool, but it only enhances the professionalism of the end product. This appears to be a plug-in for more experienced internet marketers looking for every single tweak to improves their page rank and increase sales. There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

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