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Every user using WordPress always wonders how they can make their life easier and one way is through plugins. SEO professionals sometimes adopt a hit and miss strategy that costs clients time and money which isn’t cost effective at all. So to help anyone looking to increase their SERP rankings, here are the top 7 plugins I deem vital for any WordPress blog.

1) All in One SEO Pack

This plugin allows you to cover the basics of SEO such as meta tags, titles, descriptions and keywords. It will override the default values in the meta tags, titles etc so that you can target each individual blog post specifically for better search results. However, it won’t touch anything if you leave the fields blank, so you aren’t required to use it each post.

2) Sociable

Everyone wonders how to get their blog posts on many social bookmarking sites quickly and efficiently while allowing their users to “up or vote” their post on the respective sites. This can be tricky with manual coding with the thought of keeping resources limited and loading times down. So to help solve these problems, Sociable allows users to add 99 active social bookmarking sites to anywhere you want on your website. It also allows users to add their own sites as well. It is highly customizable, quick to configure and very easy to use.

3) Google Positioner

This is a nifty plugin allows you to track the keywords you’re getting searches for. It is a small quick tool that is quite handy when you are really trying to nail down your most active or efficient keywords.

4) Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemaps aren’t quite directly keyword/marketing related but it is generally accepted that sitemaps help google crawl your blog/site quicker with more direct results.

However, there isn’t concrete evidence to support this, but many sites have reported better results when Sitemaps are used. It is never a bad thing to go ahead and simply add a sitemap, especially when it is made for you.

5) Cross Linker

This plugin allows you to specify certain words that with automatically be assigned hyperlinks internally or externally. This is a nice tool to have considering the fact that you may have affiliate deals that require you to link their name want to market keyword terms to improve your internal linking structure and obviously link to helpful items.

6) Twitter Tools

This plugin integrates your twitter account with your WordPress account so it displays all your recent tweets in a place you specify. This is nice if you are an active users on twitter and want a chance to help market more websites or links this way. Besides, you may acquire a few more followers.

7) Referrer Detector

This is an addon that finds the url that visitors come from and allows you to enter a greeting message to that effect. So if you have users coming from Site A, you might feel like entering a small message welcoming them and remind them to check out some other posts and the same can be implemented for digg referrers (to digg your posts). It is a nice plugin that increases more interaction between the website and the user.

To read more about this topic and get the download links, go to http://interchange-designs.com/blog/15/top-7-must-have-seo-wordpress-plugins/

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