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The following plug-ins will allow you to create the ultimate blog set up for 2009. The only prerequisites to using these plug-ins is the fact that you have your own hosting and an installation of WordPress. Using these plug-ins correctly can result in a perfectly crafted visitor friendly “traffic magnet”.

1.) All In One SEO. This plug-in should be the first thing up loaded this issue have installed your WordPress blog. In fact, I would go so far as to say that WordPress themselves should integrate and “hard-wire” it into WordPress. Internet marketers should train themselves to automatically fill in the three little boxes of every single post, and include the keywords they want the search engines to see. Also remember that if the “description” box isn’t filled out, then search engine spiders will just pick up any old random information they feel like – and this will be displayed in the search engine results.

2.) Contact Form 7. This little beauty creates a professional looking contact form on your chosen page. This enables you to not display your e-mail address – thus in writing every spammer on the earth to e-mail you.

3.) Google XML Site Maps. This plug-in will create an XML site map of your entire blog and even submit it to Google for you. In fact, I believe it even updates Google every time you make changes – inviting the spiders to come and check your site out regularly, and notice how fresh your content is.

4.) Dagon Design Sitemap Generator. This one creates a site-map page for visitors. You can customize exactly what is displayed on the site map page, even the XML site map created by the plug-in above.

5.) StatPress Reloaded.

I like this one because it provides fast reference of blog statistics. There’s no need to log-in to a separate webpage like Google Analytics. You just click a simple button from WordPress admin.

6.) Simple AdSense Insertion. Emphasis on “simple”. Write your personal page, enter a special token code, and boom, AdSense is displayed – wherever you need it.

7.) SEO Smart Links. Inserting links can be a pain. You either have to insert the full HTML “href” code, or mess around with clicking buttons and “copy ‘n’ pasting” links. This plug-in will automatically link whatever word you choose in setup.

Get a hold of these and upload them to your blog immediately! It will certainly make your blogging life easier, and your visitors will appreciate it.

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