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Many people are using WordPress to host their blogs, or using a WordPress theme to host their blog on their own website.?Some of these people use hundreds of plug-ins, and some of these people don’t even use any, because they don’t understand them or don’t want them.?Both of these approaches are unbeneficial to your blog and how people will be seeing it.?I am going to tell you what the main plug-ins I use are, and how they are beneficial to your blog.

All in One SEO Pack – This plug-in helps an extreme amount in your SEO, easy format, and easy to do.

Sociable – This plug-in allows 1 button bookmarking too many sites, who wouldn’t want people to bookmark their page, some good link juice.

TweetMeme – This plug-in allows you or anyone to Retweet your content in one click.

Akismet – This plug-in comes standard with WordPress blogs but needs an API key to setup.?This plug-in is extremely worth it, it will block 99% of spam that gets posted via comments on your blog.

Feedburner FeedSmith – This plug-in is used so that all of the RSS feeds on your blog can be directed to one place and in turn make them easier to share.

Google XML Sitemaps – This plug-in will generate a sitemap of your blog and helps Google, Msn/Bing, Yahoo and to find it. Stats – This plug-in tracks views, posts and page views, where traffic is coming from and where it is going.?This requires an API key so make sure you get one, if you need to find a WordPress API key you can learn how to get one here.

With these plug-ins, good content and consistent action, you should be well on your way to finding yourself a wide reader base.

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