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A programming language is written text (also known as code) used to instruct a computer on what duties and tasks it must do. An example is Visual Basic, this language was designed for programs in the Microsoft Office family such as Outlook, Word, Excel and Access. If you have had any programming experience in the past, than you know code looks like. If you don’t have any experience than here is a made up example:

Private Sub someFunction()

Set ftp = New function

End Sub

If this is the first time seeing something like this than you are probably very confused. To successfully program, you must have a general understanding of a language. This way you are able to correctly write code that the computer can understand and execute.

Keeping this in mind you must be aware that no one is born on this earth already knowing a language. It takes time, effort and practice just like anything else to perfect it. For some, learning a new language can look very overwhelming. Often people wonder why you would want to learn something so silly. This is until they realize the power and convenience of automation. Programming can turn manual daunting tasks into something you never have to think about again.

There are always long ways around programming.

Sure you could do everything manually, but why would you want to spend countless extra hours doing tasks that programming can do for you??

When you finish writing your first piece of basic code it may not do anything at all. This sounds discouraging, but remember you must built up and take small steps at a time and eventually you will create awesome work. You shouldn’t have expectations that you will be able to master a language in just a little practice.

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