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In recent years, Search Engine Optimization has gained importance in the last decade especially with advancements and improvement in the algorithms of website ranking. Designers now need to create websites that adhere to the standard codes and are SEO friendly. However, if you are looking for a basic blog, WordPress works best where SEO is concerned without knowing the technical jargon.

For Permalinks, in standard WordPress, you will have better SEO if you use the topics as category and blog titles for your permalinks. If you are confused about changing the format within WordPress, simply log in and scroll over to Settings and then click on Permalinks. Enter the Category and Post-name. The permalinks have keywords that will be crawled while users search for related key phrases or keywords. Additionally, to increase SEO of your WordPress blog you can install SEO Slugs plug-in. It automatically lowers the stop words as soon as a post is saved.

Many web designers overlook the images to drive additional traffic to their websites. To ensure that images are also crawled, add title tags and alt tags that are relevant to the images. The web pages will also need to be coded as per the SEO standards. Additionally, you need to look for proper headings. If you have a Word Press Theme, most likely you already have done that. However, if you are unsure, use of H1, H2 and H3 is a must. On the home page, the blog name uses H1 and can be used more than twice. The post name goes where it is specified and the category name is posted on the actual Category page.

Another factor that is important while posting your blogs for SEO purposes is the optimization of your titles. This is critical. When searching for keywords, titles are the first thing that appears in searches. The rank depends a lot upon keywords and if the keywords are missing or not arranged properly, the ranking falls when this is the case. It is best to start your post title with a keyword or at least use it within the title. Most search engines stress the earlier words so wording them deeper in the title oftentimes hides them from the users view.

By creating SEO compatible Meta tags and descriptions in the category section, it will help you get matched with select keywords during a user search. But do not allow automatic generation of descriptions as you will not achieve the page ranking you are looking for with your SEO content. It is best to add the keywords and description manually to every page, as well as WordPress categories and posts to get the optimum benefit of your SEO descriptions.

Another factor that counts is using less code. You do not want to put codes in there unnecessarily. There are numerous pages that do not require any coding at all, so leave them as they are. Pages with fewer codes or none at all are rendered faster and easier to edit if that is required. PHP and JavaScript slow down the server so it is best to remove any codes that are unnecessary.

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