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MySQL is a popular relational database management system that stores data in form of tables (as rows and columns). It runs as server and provides access to a number of databases connected to it. MySQL works on different platforms, including Windows and Linux. On occasion, you find these MySQL tables as unreadable and giving some errors. If you have valid backup, you should delete the damaged database and restore from it. However, in case of no backup or invalid backup, you need to use MySQL Repair software as repair tools for damaged databases.

As a practical example, while accessing MySQL tables, you might receive below error message:

“Unexpected end of file”

You encounter this error message when you run query on the database and it crashes unexpectedly.


The prime reason of the above error message to occur is corruption of MySQL database table. This can happen due to improper locking of table, unexpected shutdown, virus infection, corruption of header, and similar other reasons.


To resolve table corruption of MySQL table, you need to carry out these steps in order:

? Check the database for corruption errors.

For this, you should use CHECK TABLE command and make sure that the server is running while you apply the command:

CHECK TABLE tablename [options]

Options used are QUICK, FAST, EXTENDED etc. For MyISAM tables, you can alternatively use ‘mysqlcheck’ or ‘myisamchk’ utilities.

? If the above check reports corruption, you should repair it using REPAIR TABLE command with QUICK and EXTENDED like options:

REPAIR TABLE tablename [options]

In case of MyISAM tables, you can also use ‘mysqlcheck’ or ‘myisamchk’ utilities.

? If performing the above two steps doesn’t resolve the database corruption errors, check the status of your backup. If you find the backup as valid and complete, delete the damaged database table and use your backup to restore it.

? In case of no backup availability and invalid backup state, MySQL Recovery software can be used. These are read-only MySQL Repair tools to safely repair and restore damaged MySQL databases.

Stellar Phoenix Database Recovery For MySQL is the finest tool to repair and restore corrupt MySQL tables. It supports MySQL 5.x. and can recover database files for both InnoDB (.ibdata, .ibd and .frm) and MyISAM (.myd, .myi and .frm) database storage engines. This MySQL Recovery software restores all database objects, like tables, relations, primary key(s), and others. It can recover databases of Windows and Linux platforms and is compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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