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You might ask why would you might need to check your search engine optimisation (SEO) and how can a WordPress SEO plugin assist you? Or even ask does it matter if your pages and posts are not search engine optimised?

Does it matter if your site is not search engine optimised?
To deal with the last point first it may not matter to you. The purpose of SEO is to get free traffic from the search engines, if you are not seeking such traffic then it is not worthwhile spending time to optimise your website. There are other ways of getting traffic or your site may just be aimed at family and friends.

However, most people do want to get free visitors as the site is business based or simply because there is no point putting up great content if nobody sees it.

Your site is not ranking on the search engines as well as you expected
If this is your situation the problem may be that your pages and posts are not properly optimised and this is where the WordPress SEO Plugin “SEOPressor” can help. In this situation the search engines are not totally sure what your content is about and which keywords it is relevant to. As a result you will need to build many more links (with the relevant anchor text) than would otherwise be necessary to achieve a high ranking. What you need to do is reorganise your content so the search engines see it as highly relevant to the targeted keywords.

The SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin works by analysing each page and post against your chosen keyword (or keyword phrase) and giving a score, with instructions on how to improve it. It can also make some changes itself if configured to do so. The WordPress SEO Plugin displays these results quite prominently on each page/post edit screen so is difficult to ignore.

If you follow the instructions you can quickly improve your on page SEO and hence your search engine rankings.

You don’t know much about SEO but want to get your pages ranked
The SEOPressor WordPress SEO plugin is also useful in this situation as you can quickly see what is recommended and learn what to do to make the error go away.

By doing this a few times you soon learn how to incorporate the SEO requirements into your copy, minimising the need for SEOPressor to suggest changes. I found that after a while I was doing the right things without really thinking about it.

The SEOPressor WordPress SEO Plugin certainly helped me by saving time and teaching me how to write good content from an SEO point of view. If you think it might help you Click Here to learn more.

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