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Blogging is probably the easiest way to start a business on the internet. All you have to do is buy a domain name, find a free WordPress theme that you like and start writing about the subject you love. Add a few items to sell to monetize your website and you are on your way with your new business .

What happens next is that most people stay really fired up about their blog for a few weeks . Then life starts to happen, there are conflicts and other things that have to be managed, and before you know it, a couple of weeks go by without a blog post.

Another scenario – is that you think you have enough expertise to write forever on your primary topic. But after writing articles for several days, you suddenly start having problems coming up with new concepts for posts. Then the writers cramp sits in and once again, a number of weeks go buy without a new blog post.

Those online business marketers who have been around for a while know that keeping fresh and new content on your blogs is the best way to drive traffic . This works because of two reasons: a) those real visitors that enjoy your content come back often , and b) the search spiders come back crawling more often .

When you do your writing in start and stop fits – maybe write articles for 2-3 weeks, take a few weeks off, and then do it again – the spiders do not visit as often .

The result is that since the search engines have not visited your page they are not indexed and your site has a difficult time growing page ranks .

That’s why the Worpdress autopost tools are becoming so popular – they pump out new articles for you on your schedule. I like using them to complement my personal writings because with these tools I can guarantee that a new article is being posted on the schedule I want for it to be posted .

Many of the better auto content blog posting tools includes content from multiples sources – as in multiple article directories, multiple affiliate programs, multiple social networking sites, etc .

Because you can format how you want the content to be ‘mixed and matched’ in a way that would be nearly impossible to be matched by any other website on the internet, your automatically generated article ? will be 100% unique content.

And the search engines will love them because guess what … they have been totally optimized for search engine optimizaton purposes – all the meta tags include the targeted keyword, all the content include the targeted keyword phrase and the url structure will include the keyword . You will get higher page rankings quicker than you ever imagined.

As you consider which autoblogging software tool to use, please consider the following product reviews that we have recently completed:

Article source: http://content.ezinemark.com/using-an-automated-blog-plugin-to-automatically-generate-wordpress-unique-content-172d77cc3d9.html.

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