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Eclipse is a multi-language software development environment which covers an integrated development environment (IDE). Basically it is written with java and used to develop applications in java and other programming languages like PHP and RUBY platform. Java Eclipse IDE is very famous development platform to develop applications and is used widely across the globe. It is a very user friendly environment that allows Java developers to build revolutionary applications. Java Eclipse IDE is the set of Java Development Tools (JDT) which helps the Java developers at the time of developing the applications.

The Plug-in Development Atmosphere (PDE) is also getting appreciation by the Java developers all over because of using that one a developer can build creative and innovative applications. Java Eclipse IDE is also an open source platform which provides consistency in Java development process and used as a Java development Tool. One Java developer can not only use the Java Eclipse IDE in software development but also he or she can use it in content material management systems. A license is issued to edit the user platform and the license user can get the source code to modify the software and redistribute it. Copy left is the mechanism which is used to protect the license user?s specific rights. Unless the java developer has got the license, he/she can redistribute Java Eclipse IDE. Copy left tool covers with some license and capable of securing all rights of the Java Eclipse environment.

Java IDE is a set of tools that supports in Java application development.

Java IDE allows a developer to do various things like:

Writing and editing of source code Shows errors at the time of typing Shows highlighted codes and syntaxes. Auto cyclical tasking. Assemble of codes and shows class structure. Drag-and-drop process helps in easy building of graphic objects and database connections

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