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In today’s global marketplace, it goes without saying that almost all visibility begins and ends with the Internet. Nowadays, whenever a consumer has a hankering for, say, garden gnomes, the first place they turn to is the little search bar in their browser. It is then up to the thousands of websites connected to “garden gnomes” to fight for position and visibility.

People will often flit through websites with less mercy than they do cable channels, giving each site just a few seconds to prove it’s worth their time. This is why companies and organizations spend enormous amounts of time and resources carefully developing the layout and design of their websites, knowing that a first impression is their only chance for making a web surfer settle on them.

And creating a flashy but organized website has never been easier thanks to Joomla. One of the most popular content management systems available, Joomla has been broadly by many different organizations, from the University of Harvard to IHOP. To see why Joomla plugins are so popular, here’s a quick look at a couple of ways how Joomla can be utilized to capture your audience’s attention quickly and firmly.

Unfolding Menus: With the overwhelming number of links now, most surfers are hesitant to just start clicking around within a site. Unfolding menus help visitors find exactly the link they want as Joomla allows them to see a variety of sublinks under each heading. Rather than browsing a site click by click, viewers can gauge a site’s content by the simple glide of the mouse.

User polling: Particularly popular with blogs, user polling allows visitors a quick chance to interact with the site their visiting.

Plugins make this especially easy to manage and utilize, especially when it involves more elaborate questionnaires. MTV Networks Quizilla provides an excellent example of Joomla’s capability in this area.

Whatever your website needs, Joomla plugins can help make the difference from a casual glance to an interested perusal. With it’s ease and flexibility, Joomla is a must-have CMS for any developing–or developed-website.

CMS Market (http://www.cmsmarket.com) is your best source for the best Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla plugins to make your website fun and interesting. Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.

Article source: http://joomla.ezinemark.com/ways-to-use-joomla-plugins-4ef3c21287e.html.

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