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Many website design companies have made websites and still making the websites using the application Joomla and WordPress. Both are very popular open source software for developing websites. They have their communities also on internet.? Plus many blogs and forums also dedicated to it only where users can discuss the things regarding the software usage and can solve the problems also. There are few more web design applications also which are popular and those are typo3 and Drupal but WordPress and Joomla are most popular in all over the world.

Web site companies can make customized web sites by doing some changes in the main menu. Both the platforms offer those changes. Few features of both are discussed here.

? WordPress is easier to use than Joomla as Joomla has few complex features. This is the reason that many people prefer WordPress than Joomla.? Joomla has more features than WordPress so it makes it bit difficult for the user that is the disadvantage but on the other side user gets more features is an advantage.

? Joomla is considered as an advanced content management system while WordPress is only blog software. Joomla offers many features and templates which almost covers every industry. If you are in need of a simple website than wordPress is easy for that but for the complex websites with many features then always use Joomla for that.

? WordPress is already optimized with Google and it has default settings for Search Engine Optimisation.? WordPress pages always rank high on the Google because of its SEO friendly content. Joomla can also rank high on the Google but it needs Search Engine Optimisation.


? WordPress is good only for the websites which publish informational content. It is easy to create the complex websites with Joomla. It gives excellent results in complex websites as it offers many features. Joomla is best for the small as well as for the complex websites too. It is best for the customized websites.? WordPress also has feature of plug-ins but it is not as advanced as Joomla.

? Joomla is better for the integration of third party software and it integrates easily with other websites and applications.

? Many add-ons can also easily work on Joomla websites. It has powerful API also so many customized features the developer can introduced in the website.

? WordPress has easy to use and understand admin panel and it is good for the websites which only publish information. Joomla has admin panel which is more complex and one can even buy customized features also.

Joomla is more preferable because of all these advance features.

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