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There are a lot of students who are in for C# programming when they attend school. This is something that is taught in the first years of high school or even later or earlier, depending on what your options are when choosing the high school you will attend.

C# programming is basically a medium that stands between VB and C++. There will be many people that will consider that the ability of C# running in a managed environment is a good advantage. But this really has to do with each person. When it comes to comparing it with C++, you will never have to worry about the points and the memory management that maybe, you had the chance to encounter while studying and using C++. But you should keep in mind that it has been proven the fact that managed code is usually slower.

The big list of advantages that you will get to have while using C# programming are not due to C#, but because it is fully dependant on the .NET framework. You will have an easy time writings Windows dialogs, working with strings, making multi threaded apps, forms and so on.

There are two reasons that stand in my mind when I am to think about the advantage of C# and the fact that it has nothing to do with managed code. The first one is that there are no header files. The second one is keyword “partial”. Declaring a class as one, you will be able to split a lengthy source file into multiple files. Using “partial”, will have the compiler aware of the fact that you want to declare the exact class in multiple files and when the compile time will come, it will merge them into 1 class. This is definitely one of the best advantages that the users will benefit from.

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