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There were times when the development of websites took a developer weeks time to work on one project. Lengthy codes and use of different programming languages was required to be done in the earlier websites. So, it was never very easy for the person. But, with the growth of the demand of the websites from all quarters it became imperative that the development time of the website got reduced substantially lower. To meet this end, there was ever continuing work on the evolution of the programming languages which were more quick to work on and enabled the developer to make websites fast to meet the increased demand. There were two more factors which further fuelled the creation of the new programming languages. One of these was the requirement of the website development to? be SEO-friendly and the other was to enable the vast amount of databases which were generated. PHP, MySql, HTML and others thus assumed increased important and so did the Joomla development as well.

Joomla, being based on the PHP, is actually a content management system. It has many inbuilt modules as well as third party add-ons and extensions which can be used by a Joomla development expert to design the website in days. It is possible to provide much distinct functionality to the joomla based website without having to write the lenghty codes for the same. Most of the functions can be found in-built as modules which you simply need to pick and place at the desired place on the site. At the same time, you manage the databases of different types in the way you want. Joomla design website provides a lot of control in the hands of the user or the administrator.

The administrator is able to edit, add, delete any data from anywhere in the website. So, if you have to put up new content or new product images for the fresh arrivals or have to amend the prices of the products due to the off-season discounts, the administrator can very well do it without any trouble. There is a lot more which can be done as well.

Using Joomla design, you can create the websites from the most simple to the most complex ones. The creation of ecommerce sites or the sites which require a lot of data to be managed automatically, like those of the shopping malls, can be done easily using this platform of web development.? There are inbuilt shipping modules, the invoicing modules and even the payment gateway integrating features that are easy to use and implement on the website. Another major benefit is that of the SEO friendly nature of Joomla design. There is a lot of support that can be taken from the joomla community as well. If you do not find anything inbuilt in Joomla, you have a good chance of finding it from the third parties or the community.


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Article source: http://joomla.ezinemark.com/what-makes-joomla-web-site-design-so-much-preferable-to-others-7d2dcaa5b702.html.

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