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Because Joomla is open source, developers all over the Internet have made a variety of extensions available.? This is why it’s difficult to say which the best extension or where it is located at.? Open source allows any third party developer to create and write extensions to the initial core components, or any other component. While some extensions offer greater capabilities to core functions, others are simply fun to try and use.

The following is a list of what we consider the most useful Joomla extensions.

JoomlaXplorer:-this is an extension for core components.? It allows you to upload content create new files and folders, search move, delete, rename, a copy or downloads files more precisely and more quickly than what the regular Joomla core administrative capabilities.

JXtended Reports:- this extension allows you to edit and create new reports that have to do with your website.? One of the interesting features is that it is front end supported, and help you keep track of visitor statistics.

mtwMigrator:-this extension makes it easier to change your Joomla content from an older Joomla version to the new urban version.

VirtueMart:- although there are many shopping cart extensions this is one of the easiest and most complete shopping cart available to use with the Joomla platform.

There are and innumerable amount of extensions available online, and the ones you choose really depends on what your needs are.? The above extensions are just a few useful tools that can help anyone.? It is difficult to Judge Watt’s everyone will need as an extension when sites are so individualized.

But whatever extensions you do choose; before selecting the fun ones, be sure to look at extensions that can help core components. Once you have these, you can look around for extensions that make your website more pleasing and fun for all the users.? Remember the fun extensions can be tried and discarded as you like. You and only you can determine whether those are important to you or not.

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