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Joomla is a powerful Content Management System (or CMS). ?A Content Management System is a framework that is installed on a website that enables designers, developers, or website owners to make changes to the website without having to do a lot of coding. ?Joomla is an important platform to consider for many reasons.


Joomla extensions enable functionality that is unrivaled by another other CMS. ?Any Joomla website can support thousands of different extensions that can be installed in the Joomla Extensions Manager. ?These extensions can provide eCommerce, social networking, security (such as back-ups), slideshows, galleries, weather modules, forms, FAQ, and hundreds of other important systems. ?Many of these extensions are available for free or are cheap to purchase. ?Extensions can be shown on the front-end of the website as module systems, such as a slideshow, but they can also have functions that are not visible to website visitors.

Some extensions are only useful for back-end optimization. ?Some extensions perform back-ups for the website, and others are used to quickly set-up keywords, descriptions, and title meta-tags for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Community has a social network and forum that help designers and developers solve problems and communicate about future extensions and products.

Customer Training

Quick Joomla Website Design is prepared to train our clients how to update their own websites content, images, and front-page systems.

?Fortunately, the Joomla system is intuitive and easy to learn how to use. ?With a few hours of training clients can upload images to their slideshows, create new pages and menu items, and update front page content and modules. ?This is one of the reasons why we choose joomla.

Joomla Website Design

Quick Joomla Website Design is located in Northern California.? We serve an international client-base but the majority of our clients are located near Santa Rosa, San Rafael, San Francisco and Eureka.? We have built websites for people in Sonoma County, Humboldt County, and Marin County, as well as Michigan, Nevada, Australia, and the South Bay Area.

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