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The SEOPressor plugin for WordPress is a software application aimed at helping the user optimize content for the search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that no webmaster and particularly internet marketers can afford to ignore. Why? Very simply if your site is well optimized for the search engines it will rank highly much more easily and therefore more free visitors will visit the site. There is little point anyone setting up a site and then getting no visitors so SEO should always be considered.

Unfortunately many people see SEO as something which is very complicated and which needs a lot of time and effort to accomplish properly. In fact the basics of on page SEO are fairly straightforward and there are a series of rules you need to follow. This makes analyzing on page SEO an ideal task for a software application like the SEOPressor plugin.

The important thing to understand about on page SEO is that the search engine spiders that visit every site do not actually read and understand the content they come across. They are looking for indications as to the relevancy of the content so it is important to structure that content in such a way that they get a clear message as to the subject. It is quite possible to produce highly valuable content which human visitors will appreciate but which the visiting search engine spiders will not understand. This will mean that it will be very difficult to get a good search engine ranking.

Using the SEOPressor plugin you can start by writing the content as before making sure that at least one image is included. You then tell SEOPressor what keyword you are targeting the page at and then save the page or post. The SEOPressor plugin will then analyze the content, give the on page SEO a score and display the keyword density percentage plus a series of suggestions for increasing the score (if you configure it to do so it can make some changes itself). You then simply follow the suggestions and watch the score go up each time you update.

The end result of using the SEOPressor plugin is that you end up with good on page optimization without the need to study SEO. In fact SEOPressor can be regarded as a training tool as well because if it suggests the same alteration to every post, you are soon going to get used to getting this right in the first place.

I can recommend the SEOPressor Plugin because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

Article source: http://seo.ezinemark.com/why-it-is-better-to-let-the-seopressor-plugin-handle-wordpress-on-page-seo-31edce3c940.html.

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