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Once there was a war in ancient Greece and a single warrior stood against all odds and made his side to embrace victory, the reason of this victory was a great core team, replaceable weapons and extendible army. Similarly few years back a warrior appeared in arena of open source technologies and defeated all others competitors by largest ever margin of features and functions.

Few of the great features of Joomla made it stand in unique manner in a crowd of open source CMS those are:

Best User Management: Registered users of website can be managed in multiple groups with their access rights. The default call for user groups is nine different user groups to ease the management.

Media Manager: A tool to manage all your media files on a single place. This feature enables you to update, remove or edit the files from a single place and will get reflected on all the sections and locations of website.

Language Manager: Are you non English speaking and wants to own website in English, now you can do that by selecting front end language in English or any other language with entirely different admin panel language.

Banner Management: Do you like to earn through banners on your website? This CMS has a solution for you as well. The separate banner manager allows you to manage your money earning banners directly from admin panel.

Polls: You like your users to make their decisions on your thoughts, you have this features by default with Joomla.

Polls function will let you manage your polls and users votes with easiest possible manner.

Content Management: 3 tier architecture of content management lets you organize your content a snap. You can manage your content the way you always want to.

Menu Manager: No worries with menus, now you can create as many menu you want to with possibility of as deep as you need with your website navigation structure.

Template Management: Everyone wants their website look like they wish to have. So Joomla allows you to edit or update templates with very easy and efficient manner.

Extensibility: Now this is the most powerful feature of Joomla, Not every CMS can have all possible features as inbuilt with them so does the Joomla. But to keeping requirement of the real world in mind, Joomla has an endless list of components to support your requirement.

That?s not all, Joomla is a true user oriented CMS with most easiest possible features with superb hold over these closely developed powerful functions and features.

This is why all php development companies around the world prefer joomla as their development platform. Next time before hiring a development company do look for options of Joomla development if you want something as great as Joomla.

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