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At present time Joomla powers millions of websites worldwide. Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) which provides maximum control and flexibility to the user on their website. User can easily add content text, images, and videos and create and delete links. Joomla facilitate the user to develop dynamic websites that are highly interactive in nature. Static websites have only one way communication but dynamic websites have two way communications between user and site owner.

An user, who has a little knowledge about CMS, can use joomla with a great ease. User can easily add new content and format existing one or add images by using editor support in it. Joomla is most suitable for development of websites ranging from small websites to the big corporate websites, e-Commerce websites, non-profit and organizations website, portals, forums, social networking websites and many more.

An eye catching or sticky website plays a great role in conversion of visitor into customer. There are a variety of templates available on the internet and these templates are absolutely free. These templates are customizable and using the Joomla templates, developers can easily make a stunning website in very short time.

Another great advantage of Joomla is that it supports multi user authentication, which means multiple users can log on to the websites at the same time. A number of Joomla modules and plugins provide additional functionality to the Joomla websites.

Addition and deletion of content is vey easy in Joomla so anyone can do it without any trouble but Joomla customization is not that easy and for that you need to take service of Joomla developer.

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Article source: http://joomla.ezinemark.com/why-joomla-for-web-development-31a70505cad.html.

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