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PHP is a widely used scripting language, most commonly used for developing websites and web applications. The huge popularity of PHP is due to the fact that it is open source and is highly flexible & functional. Most of the companies & individuals hire PHP developers whenever they want a new website or update in an existing website. You can create almost any web application and functionality if you know how to utilize the full potential of PHP. It is experienced that hiring professionals from the Indian region is much more cheaper than the in-house development cost of the same project in US or European countries.

What can a PHP developer do for you???

Website designing & development
Multimedia Application development
Can provide optimal solutions for your requirements.
Can develop Social Network Applications for you.
Give you genuine suggestion according to your business requirements
Can update your project daily, weekly or monthly.
Can create custom solutions according to your requirements.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers because :

It is Cost Effective : The dedicated hire model is best suited and economical for those clients who know what they want and how they want it. If you don?t have the basic knowledge about this domain then it is suggested that you go for some other development model. The best option would be to go for a company that has vast experience (for e.g more than 10 years) as they can quote you the most reasonable prices and provide you the most genuine solutions.
You Save money : No Infrastructure setup cost. You don?t have to get any infrastructure moreover you save time and money that would have been otherwise spent on long and costly hiring procedure.
No long term contracts with the developers : In the dedicated hire model you don?t have to get into any long term contracts with the employees. This way you only pay for the time the person is working on your project.
It provides Quality solutions: You can get top quality solutions if you just be a little alert and careful while you hire PHP developers.

Although it may seem like you can go for any developer (and the cheaper ones would be much more inviting) but you must take a pause here and think about your options and their outcomes. The best way to make this decision would be to look at the portfolio of all the service providers and contact the clients of those whom you feel good enough for your work. Verify from at least a couple of clients before finally offering a project to a company. Don?t sit ideally after offering the project. Enquire about the project from the developers. Ask for daily work reports and regular project status from them. Try to be involved in the development process so that you know what is happening with your project. A little curiosity and involvement from your side can help the developers in creating the best suited solution for you.

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Article source: http://project.ezinemark.com/why-to-hire-php-developer-7d311e2c0a89.html.

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