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PHP is, without any doubt, the most popular and widely used programming language for web development and web application development purposes. Further, PHP provides various platforms or frameworks allowing developers to choose the most suitable and comfortable platform for web development depending upon the project requirements and client specifications. Each PHP platform was designed to provide some extra feature or functionality to developers such as ease of use, simple development environment, quick development, feature rich applications, ecommerce friendly development environment etc.

We will discuss about Codeigniter framework and the various advantages of using it in this article. Codeigniter is a very reliable PHP development framework which allows the developers to create feature rich and highly functional websites in comparatively less time as compared to other major PHP frameworks. It is a pre developed PHP based framework providing a comprehensive set of commands for frequently used tasks and functionalities. These commands are saved in libraries accessible through an easy to understand interface thus reducing the development time significantly. It allows the developers to concentrate on the project and the concepts rather than spending time on writing lengthy codes for various functionalities.

Mentioned below are the reasons why developers use Codeigniter framework for PHP development.

Quick Development: As mentioned before, Codeigniter framework provides a quick web development environment for developers. This functionality is powered by pre written codes saved in the libraries present inside Codeigniter.

Moreover, a simple and easy interface allows developers to access these libraries and use the desired code.

Cost Effective Development: As the Codeigniter allows quick development functionality therefore the total cost of the project is significantly reduced. As compared to lack of resources for custom frameworks, there are many developers available for development on Codeigniter. You don?t have to familiarize or instruct the developers on the usage and functionality of framework as they are already familiar with it. This reduces the time as well as cost of the project.

Abundant resources: You can always find highly skilled and talented resources for development on Codeigniter as it is a very popular framework widely used in the web development industry. Availability of resources is a common benefit for all the popular frameworks. In the present competitive environment, developers are required to have good command over major PHP development platforms to survive in the web development industry.

Performance: As each and every line of the code, their logics and structures are written after doing extensive research and testing therefore it provides a high performance framework for web development.

Easy Configuration: Configuring a framework can be a very tiring and complex activity if the framework does not allows easy configuration. Codeigniter requires almost zero time and effort on the part of developers while configuring it for development.

Online and Offline Support: Codeigniter is backed up by a very loyal and dedicated online community which is always ready to help out developers having difficulties while working on Codeigniter. Moreover, the documentation for Codeigniter is designed to provide solutions for almost all the problems one can face while working on it.

Those who have worked on Codeigniter will completely agree with the above mentioned advantages of Codeigniter while the rest will just have to try it for a better understanding. The Codeigniter is a highly favored PHP framework among developers as well as clients in need of quick and reliable web solutions.

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