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Good on page SEO is essential

The SEOPressor plugin is aimed at producing good on page SEO. If you are aiming for a high search engine ranking this is an important first step, as it will leverage your off page SEO activities.

The point of on page SEO is to ensure that the relevancy of your posts and pages is understood by the search engines so that they can be displayed when appropriate search terms are used. If done well this will mean that your content will rank highly with the fewest possible backlinks. If done badly you will need many more backlinks to enable a high ranking.

What Is the SEOPressor Plugin?

SEOPressor is a WordPress plugin which is easily installed and configured. You simply have to set which changes you will allow the software to make on its own, and then enter a primary keyword for each of your existing pages and posts which need to be optimized.

How can the SEOPressor Plugin help?

The SEOPressor plugin will analyse each page and post and give its on page optimization a score. There are screens showing the score for all pages and all posts and the detail is shown on the Edit Post/Page screens. Here you can see the percentage score, the percentage keyword density and a set of suggestions for improvements.

You need to implement the suggestions and each time you hit “update” the score will go up. Your aim should be to get the score as high as possible but without falling into the trap of effectively writing for the search engines. It is important that your content remains valuable for visitors so a compromise is sometimes necessary.

Another benefit of the SEOPressor Plugin is that as you implement its suggestions you learn what you need to do in future so that the initial score you get goes up and the changes you need to make become fewer. SEOPressor though is always useful as it is easy to forget things.

What results will the SEOPressor Plugin produce?

With the assistance of the SEOPressor Plugin you will be able to optimise your pages and posts so that the search engines are clear as to their relevancy. In most cases (except with keywords with little competition) this will not be enough to get a good search engine ranking on its own but it will improve the effectiveness of your off page SEO. Therefore SEOPressor will effectively reduce the number of backlinks you need to get a high search engine ranking.

I can recommend the SEOPressor Plugin because it saves a lot of time and has helped get my content ranked on the search engines. If you think that SEOPressor could help you Click Here to learn more.

Article source: http://page.ezinemark.com/why-wordpress-users-should-use-the-seopressor-plugin-31e63684fc5.html.

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