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One of the most time intensive tasks on a WordPress site is dealing with comments. If you’re not careful enough to enable some kind of anti spam tool like the Akismet plugin, you will spend a large percentage of your day dealing with and deleting spam comments.

I think that you have better things to do with your time than deleting spam comments.

What are some plugins that you can use to help you deal with comments more effectively? How about these:

SI CAPTCHA for WordPress

This plugin lets you add an image captcha to your comments box. The captcha is a little image that requires human intervention before the comment can even be submitted for posting. Most spam comments are auto-submitted and therefore cannot get past something that requires human intervention. This one plugin alone can save you a lot of time.

The one thing that I see that could be a problem, is that depending on your audience, the image may create a barrier for people to submit comments. Some legitimate commenters may not understand the concept of a captcha and/ or may not be able to read the image and opt to just not leave a comment.

Thank Me Later

I’ll go on record, again, and say that I hate automatic replies. Having said that, I think that this tool has the potential to change that opinion. What I like about it, is that you can customize the time between the event occurrence (someone leaves a comment) and the time that they get an email reply.

The utility of this, is that someone can come to the site, leave a comment, and “x” number of hours/ days later they get an email from you thanking them. At your discretion, you can then invite them back to the site for a follow up comment, or invite them back to check out something else on your site.

The potential pitfalls are that the commenter may not be expecting an email from you at all, and they may flag your email as spam.

Comment Twitter

This little plugin allows your commenter to tweet their comment and a link back to your post.

This could help you raise your site’s profile to the twittershpere so it has a lot of potential.

The problem that I see with this, is that it depends on your commenter caring enough about your post and their comment to send it out to their followers. So, you really have to have some very compelling content on your site to make someone tweet it.

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