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One of the main key to achieve higher ranking in Google is to have a website which is updated on regularly basis. The updating can be in terms of addition of information, editing or modification of content, adding blogs, news, articles, case studies and a lot more. The information must be informative and relevant in accordance with your website. Amongst all of them, blogs can be really helpful in extending your web site’s content and information.

For managing blogs myriad choices of platforms are available, one of them is Word Press that is known for its high flexibility and cost effectiveness. To achieve good ranking in Google, it is mandatory to add new fresh updated content on a daily basis, as Google assumes updated content as relevant and informative. While using Word Press, you are available with a variety of plug-ins, by which you can easily make blogs more search engine friendly.

Some of the important plug-in that you have to consider while installing Word Press blogs are:

1. Template design – It is the first main thing you have to do i.e. customizing the design template as per your existing site. Most of the changes are required at header.php, footer.php, index.php, and page.php files in the theme editor. Whatever theme you will install, Word Press template design will dictate while file has to be updated. Once your design is set, rest configuration is comparatively less technical.

2. Permalinks – After the template design, you have to customize your URL’s. Different plug-in are available for customization.

3. WWW or no WWW – While using Word Press, there is no need to pay tension on www or no www. It is really very simple and completely depends on you, which variation you want to include.

Under the general settings field, you will get two fields one is Word Press address and other is Blog address. Be sure, these two addresses contain either www or no www, whichever you desire. It is preferable to use www, as it provides consistency to your site.

4. Necessary plug-in – Wide variety of free plug-ins are available, starting from photo galleries, spam protection, social media integrators for different social book marking sites, Facebook and many more. Other XML site map and SEO plug ins are also essential for blogging and search rankings.

5. SEO plug in – All in one SEO pack allows for total customized title, meta description tags and page URL’s. One of the best SEO plug in use is HeadSpace2.

6. XML site map plug in – Google site map plug in automatically generates XML site map for you and submit it in Google, at each and every time you add, delete or modify content in page or post. This thing ensures that Google has all the related and updated information at any time. XML site map plug in is very easy to install and once configured, it will easily do all the work.

If configured in a proper way, a well-optimized web site comprised with descriptive and informative content increases its chances for higher search ranking. Word Press can make this procedure very simple as varied functionality plug ins available in them are countless. However, when installed appropriately, they can make the optimization of blog elementary as well as successful.

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