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Precisely what is WordPress Magic? WordPress Magic is a collection of WordPress plugins that really work together not merely to retrieve content for your site, but to let you monetize it with just a couple clicks.

Envision building a thousand-page website inside an hour, fully monetized! If you can imagine that, consider the potential for creating a stable of websites constructed with WordPress Magic.

WordPress Magic 2.0 is close to launch and promises to blow away the opposition for autoblogging plugins for a selling price that simply can’t be beat for the features it includes.

You most likely haven’t heard of WordPress Magic yet, but when you are interested in putting fresh, relevant content for your site, WordPress Magic is the answer.

Yes, there are many autoblogging plugins available on the market, but none come near to having the features of WordPress Magic, for the purchase price.

Neither WP Robot, WP Mage nor Autoblogged allow you to add appropriate comments for your posts to make your content even more unique. None of WordPress Magic’s competitors allow you to customize the layout of one’s posts, give in-depth reporting as your content is being generated or have inline guidelines to help you use WordPress Magic the proper way, the very first time that you use it.

The plugin suite has three components: Magic Content Wizard, which will populate your website with posts featuring revelant articles, videos and also comments, all based on your chosen keywords, quicker than you could ever envision.

Magic Post Wizard allows you to immediately monetize your site by inputing your html or javascript banner code or textlinks into MPW’s template feature and adding them to your posts, instantly.

The newest addition to the suite, Magic Feeds Wizard, brings related vendor feeds from merchants such as Amazon and Ebay and shows their items on your posts. In contrast to various other autoblogging software, the display options for the feeds portion are not set to default mode, and you can actually configure MFW to display just what you want.

Maybe most importantly of all, WordPress Magic leaves no discernable footprint that immediately identifies it within the eyes of the various search engines. You cannot say that about a competitor’s $ 1300 product!

WordPress Magic wasin beta testing for months and the 50 testers have pushed the product to the limit. Their particular direct feedback about WordPress Magic was considered to make WordPress Magic the optimum autoblogging plugin on the market, especially for less than $ 150.

Ready to take your internet marketing business to the next level? WordPress Magic is the magic formula for your content creation demands!Learn more about WordPress Magic, including a head-to-head comparision of WordPress Magic with its competitors by clicking here!

Article source: http://magic.ezinemark.com/wordpress-as-a-cms-use-wordpress-magic-31a774f63ac.html.

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