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The WordPress Classroom is a nuts and bolts tutorial series on how to set up and optimize a WordPress website. WordPress has become very popular because it is a free platform that is relatively user friendly. The software is open access, so there are constant improvements being made and plug-ins being made available. Setting up a website for the first time can be an overwhelming task and that is where WordPress Classroom fits in. Matt Wolfe developed the tutorial series after he was continuously assisting others and answering questions about how to use WordPress.

The WordPress Classroovideo tutorial that now includes over 50 videos that covers everything from buying domains, choosing a hosting agent, selecting themes, plug-in installationall the way to search engine optimization. The videos are offer the “over the shoulder” and step-by-step training style. Wolfe offers a free membership and a Pro membership. The free membership includes around 10 short videos that covers enough ground for a newbie to get a website up and running and launched on the internet. The Pro membership offers tutorials that are more advanced and focus on monitization, traffic generation, SEO and advanced editing secrets.

The series is organized quite well and each lesson is short, to the point and only covers one topic per video. The benefit of this style is that you can skip over concepts that you understand and head right to the tutorials where you need the most help. Each video is usually around 5 to 8 minutes long, which makes it easy to watch again, if you missed something or the information didn’t quite sink in the first time.

The WordPress Classroo is sold as a membership site and is web based. Wolfe is continuously adding more videos and recently has added content on how to use some of the popular plug-ins that make WordPress such a vibrant platform.

There is an active member’s forum area is a great resource to ask questions and connect with other members. Wolfe is visible and active at all levels. He even responds to requests from members to add new videos. The forum includes a traffic exchange program is a great way to comment on each other’s blogs and get comments to your blog.

Wolfe launched WordPress Classroom Augsut 2009 and introduced the revamped 2.0 series in 2010. The word on the street is generally positive. Wolfe comes across as a very personable young man who cares about his product and providing a quality service to his members. I believe this is his first attempt at product development and it’s impressive. The only negative is that some people are turned off by a recurring monthly subscription. another issue is that all of the tutorials are video only. It would be nice to have the video and a PDF outline of each video to have unhand for reference when your actually building you sites. Wolfe promises continual updates to the system and so far he is doing that.

The cost of the Pro Membership is $ 4.95 for the first 30 days and then $ 27 per month thereafter. The free membership will give you an opportunity to check out the series to see if you like it.

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