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WordPress CMS is open source blog publishing application now gradually placed itself as Content Management System. One factor which makes WordPress popular is its feature that it is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface to work on. The architecture of WordPress is very simple and the templating system is also advanced. The ease with which the content can be managed is its best feature and editing the content feels like we are writing on a word document and then publish it on the internet.

The usage of WordPress should be restricted to just publishing blogs and managing content. It can prove to be a very useful tool of creating full-fledged websites. Adding new pages at any stage is very easy with WordPress. You can add new pages as when you feel the need to.
Features of WordPress CMS:

? Plug-ins – A variety of plug-ins are available online.
? No rebuilding – Changes done to the website shows immediate effect.
? WordPress Pages – Content management in blogs as well as website pages made easy.
? WordPress Links – Ability to create, maintain and update any number of blogrolls.
? WordPress Themes – A variety of readymade themes available online.
? Spam protection – Comes with a inbuilt blacklist for spam protection.
? Full user registration – Equipped with built-in user registration system which makes it easy to maintain profiles.
? Password Protected Posts – Individuals can set their own password for better privacy.

? Easy installation and upgrades – Downloading updates and upgrading is very simple.
? Workflow – You categorize users who can only post drafts and not publish on the front page.
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I am Guneet Singh working as?wordpress development india Manager with SEO RANK SMART since its inception. I started my career working as a webmaster with an IT company in New Delhi. Thereafter I developed interest in Link Building as I was working with search engine optimizers in my organization. Since then I have been working on SEO and have developed a kind of expertise in Search Engine Optimization. Then I went to USA to pursue a Masters degree in Internet marketing. I have been considerably successful in applying my theoretical knowledge not only to fulfill my professional goals, but I do serve my clients with my expertise at SEO RANK SMART as they seek to uplift their existing internet marketing efforts.

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