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WordPress is one of the more popular content management systems (CMS) available today with then of millions of users worldwide. As a matter of fact WordPress recently won the Open Source CMS award for the umpteenth time and was installed in the Hall of Fame category in the 2010 Open Source Awards in head-to-head voting against such competitors as Joomla and Drupal. What’s this mean to you? Not much, except to know that WordPress is very popular and well respected. So If you are new to WordPress or even looking for advanced instructional materials to help you create a top notch blog or website, the Zoopmedia video tutorial series, WordPress Crash Course may be of interest to you.

WordPress Crash Course is a complete browser based video training program that includes 31 individual tutorials ranging form basic WordPress set-up to the most advanced topics including SEO strategies, RSS configuration and configuring plug-ins. Each video provides a step-by-step, over the shoulder, style instruction using actual screen capture images from the WordPress site.

The video series covers topics including:

? Understanding the WordPress Dashboard.
? Best practices for creating and managing content.
? Utilizing tags effectively.
? Organizing content to maximize site visitors interest.
? How to upload media to your site.
? Managing the theme editor to fully customize your sites.
? Overview of widgets and plug-ins.
? Website optimization techniques to help achieve the highest page ranking.
? Tips on managing your various user accounts.

WordPress Crash Course package also includes a 23 step, quick reference guide that organizes the information on the videos into an operational check list so that you can set up your blog or website quickly and efficiently without missing any steps along the way.

There are currently two purchase options available:

Browser based 9 tutorial intro series for a one-time payment of $ 27.
Browser based complete 31 tutorial series for a one-time payment of $ 47.

WordPress Crash Course is pretty good. Zoopmedia has a solid reputation and now has over 6 years of experience in all aspects of WordPress tutorials, coaching and professional services. The videos themselves are professionally produced and of high quality with a skilled instructor. The only negative is that the material is geared toward the newbie and beginner and doesn’t include some of the more advanced WordPress topics. At $ 27 though, its one of the better tutorial values available.

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