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Serving as one of the most powerful open source blog engine, WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL. Being a blog engine / blog tool it is often customized as a content management system (CMS) and empowers over 14.7% of Alexa Internet?s ?Top 1 Million? websites. Inevitable to say that wordpress development serves as the most preferred CMS by SME?s, web masters, web development companies and industries, across the world. Talking about why word press development serves as the most preferred CMS then there are not one but many reasons which prove word press as the most reliable and preferred platform for development of dynamic websites, blog sites and CMS. Some of the major reasons for its popularity are as follows:

1) It is very easy to learn and use. One requires very little amount of knowledge to learn and use it effectively as a CMS. This is a big reason to why it has achieved the global popularity.

2) WordPress is an open source technology (as well as a software), which makes it freely available. This allows anyone to download it and create his / her website at free of cost. The reason behind no cost availability is because word press has been developed by WordPress Community of developers and designers for whom word press development is a hobby. Moreover, it has features such as plugin architecture, template system and themes. Most of these are also free to download and easy to integrate. Anyone can create his / her website without any cost. This is one of the reasons which make WordPress development the most widely used and preferred CMS platform, across the world.

3) As a CMS, it has been highly customizable application.

It is obvious that when a stakeholder ? company, business or organization ? is opting for a solution with a website they want the website that is appealing and is able to capture mass amount of audience, and at the same time to convert the visitor into prospective customer. WordPress allows the stakeholders to easily achieve this. It features thousands of templates and themes, as well as plugin architecture that you can integrate in your website and get the precise look that you?ve been seeking for. Moreover, just in case if you are a web master or a developer then you can modify the existing templates and themes as per your liking. This availability of array of theme, plugins and templates, and flexibility to manage and administer them, again makes WordPress the best CMS in its class.

4) WordPress is developed on open source technology and is empowered by the open source scripting language PHP and MySQL as database. This again allows it to support various other languages such as Flash, Flex, Ajax, jQuery, Java, etc. For a developer it works as a boon as he can design a complete feature rich dynamic websites including community & social networking portals, blog sites, ecommerce websites & online shopping portals, photo galleries & video streaming websites, etc.

5) Finally, last but not the least one of the most important reason that why WordPress development serves as the most preferred CMS platform is because of the WordPress Developers Community. This allows the stakeholders, webmasters, developers and designers to be updated with all the latest happenings, as well as allows them to resolve their queries pertaining to word press development.

To conclude, with all these features and advantages, WordPress development indeed serves as the most preferred CMS platform, across the world.

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Article source: http://wordpress.ezinemark.com/wordpress-development-most-preferred-cms-7d32b2fd9f5a.html.

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