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Internet is flooded with millions and millions of websites of various kinds. With more and more people using it for different purposes, new necessities are also being created in the Internet almost everyday. This necessity gave birth to the new kind of sites called blog websites. Recent years can be considered as the boom years for blog websites. Blogs are generally used for entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. The number of blog websites has become very popular with more number of people using Internet and sharing things with other members of Internet. Even lots of social networking sites and other sites incorporate various types of blogs to attract more users.

Many such attractive blog websites which we find in the Internet are built on WordPress. WordPress is an open source blogging tool which is used to create blog kind of websites. It is a publishing platform and widely popular for its amazing features. It is also called as Content Management System (CMS). WordPress software is programmed in PHP language and it uses mySQL database software to maintain the files and content. So one can use WordPress if the website has PHP and mySQL. As it is an open source, one can edit, customize and add codes and files of the WordPress to enhance the websites as required by the user. From the beginners to the huge companies, anyone can use WordPress because of its flexibility.

Though the WordPress was initially used as a blogging tool, it is now also used by millions of individuals, businesses and organizations around the world to build a complete and beautiful website.

One of the best features of the WordPress is the availability of thousands of plug-ins. Right now, there are around 17000 plug-ins which can take the websites to the next level and these can be utilized and customized by the users. Among these, the most widely-used plug-ins are Google XML Sitemaps, Akismet, Contact Form 7, GD Star Rating, NextGEN Gallery, Google Analytics for WordPress, Easy AdSense, WP Super Cache, Sociable, etc.

Widgets can also be created using the WordPress software tool for the websites. The themes can also be installed and switched in this tool. It contains a rich text editor with advanced multimedia support. WordPress also has the ability to run multiple websites through single installation. This configuration can be called as WordPress Multisite. Each site in the multisite will have its own content, users, plugins and themes. As an icing on the cake, one can change the look of the website without affecting its contents in WordPress as it separates the content, theme and the look of the site. Even with its so many wonderful features and beauty, WordPress is easy to navigate and use.

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