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Webmasters who use WordPress must know what plug-in means. Basically plug-ins are small programs that can be incorporated into a blogging site to extend its functionalities.

Different plug-ins serve different purposes. For instance, Akismet is the name of a plug-in which is designed to protect your WordPress blog from spam comments while Platinum SEO Plug-in is for you who need a complete SEO solution.

Lots of WP plug-ins are available for free. However, there are also many types that require you to invest some money in procuring them. WP Robot is one of the most popular paid plug-ins. It enables you to develop your blog automatically by grabbing different kinds of contents from different resources.

Installing a plug-in can be accomplished very easily. Just get the one that satisfies your need, upload it to your server and then activate it. However, although most of the time plug-ins can be put into use directly, many will require you to adjust some further settings.

Keep in mind that before installing any plug-in you need to make sure first that it is compatible with the WordPress version you are using. Some plug-ins may also conflict with others so it is wise to perform some tests after activating them.

Another thing that should not be forgotten is to always update all of your plug-ins in order to fix any bugs. There is a plug-in that will enable you to do it easily.

Notice that besides plug-in, there are also small applications that are termed as widget. The difference is a widget deals with your blog template, not the php code. Similar with plugin, every widget is also intended to perform a certain function.

As a blog owner it is your job to increase the functionality, usability and performance of your blog. For this purpose you should choose plug-ins as well as widgets that fit your needs. – The place to host unlimited web sites under one hosting account. It also provides other features such as unlimited bandwidth.

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